Our Working Areas

Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and commercial law is a general term which mainly regulates commercial activities and relations of individuals and corporations. The relevant legislation has been frequently changing as a consequence of requirements and technological developments. Therefore, corporations and individuals operating in commerce are required to comply with laws and be protected against possible damages.

Şahin Law Firm provides attorney and legal consultancy services in the matters of Unfair Competition, Joint-Stock Companys, Limited Liability Companys, Incorporation of Companys, Articles of Association, Joint-Venture Agreements, Resolution of General Assemblies, Capital Structures, Corporate Governance, Board of Directors Memberships, Corporate Liquidations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Corporate Restructuring Processes for domestic and foreign corporations.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Preparation of commercial contracts with individuals and companies,

-Managament of legal processes of mergers and acquisitions,

-Managament of legal processes related to domestic and foreign capital company organizations,

-Establishment of liaison office,

-Preparation and regulation of the main contract,

-Providing legal consultancy on company decisions,

-Annulment of the decisions of General Assembly and  the prosecution of actions for voidance,

-Providing legal consultancy on the management of company,

-Providing legal consultancy on capital increase and reduction,

-Cases related to share transfer transactions,

-Cases related to company liquidation transactions,

-Cases of preventing infringement of business name,

-Cases related to carriage (logistics),

-Adoption to international arbitration and resolution of problems through arbitration,