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Media and IT Law

Media and Information Technologies Law sprang in last decade under the light of technological developments and with the impact of increase in developments, it is a fast growing, changing dynamical and exclusive law area. Media and IT Law is related to several law areas such as advertising, protection of personal data, new product development and expansion, e-commerce, entertainment and media, information technologies substructure, outsourcing, risk analysis, payment systems, social media, telecominication and value added data service. As a result, it has a interdisciplinary identity. Media and IT Law is in contact with Constitutional Law, Civil Law and Criminal Law in terms of protection or violation of rights and freedoms; Law of Obligations in terms of sponsor, advertisement, licence and more of the same aggreements; Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Competition Law in terms of existence of corporations in this sector.

Sahin Law Firm pursues lawsuits related to Media and IT Law, provides legal assistance for individuals and corporations which directly or indirectly carry on a business in these sectors. Therefore, our young and dynamic team primarily follow technological developments and legislative amendments about these closely, and inform about current legislation. In addition to legal assistance on Media and IT Law, associates organize seminars, conferences and in service trainings.