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Law of Foreigners

Law of Foreigners is a law branch which examines restrictions and rights of foreign individuals and legal entities. As many countries have, in Turkey there are restrictions in law for foreigners about rights and process of labour, abode, study and seisin. Turkish legislation involves Foreigner and International Protection Law, International Labour Law, Foreign Direct Investment Law, Law On the Secondhand Vehicle Sale to Foreigners, instructions and regulations. Foreigners Law is a mixed law because it is related to many law branches such as Nationality Law, Corporate Law, Export and Import Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Labor Law, Tourism Promotion Law.

Sahin Law Firm provides legal assistance in many international law subjects such as work permits of foreign individuals and legal entities, preparing reports of legal and business status for corporations which include an element of foreignness, establishment of a legal corporation and performing operations in corporations. Also, pursues lawsuits and resolves disputes. Associates guide foreign individuals and corporations in performing operations in accordance with Turkish Law system, also provide services in many fields such as legal support. In addition to pursuing lawsuits and legal assistance, associates organize seminars, conferences and in service trainings for individuals and corporations.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Prosecution of citizenship application procedures; dispute resolution in case of a rejection and prosecution of annulment actions,

-Providing legal consultancy on employment of  blue and white-collar foreign employees of companies,

-Prosecution of work and residence permit applications,

-Recognition and approval of divorce decision by foreign courts,

-Recognition and approval of foreign court decisions and arbitraments,

-Prosecution of cases in which foreign real and legal persons are a party in Turkey and enforcement procedures,

-Establishment of companies by foreigners in Turkey; arrangement of contracts among government agencies, partners, employees and clients and dispute resolution,

-Prosecution of procedures concerning bargain and sale of real estate by foreign real and legal persons in Turkey,

-Prosecution of procedures concerning the lease of real estate by foreign real and legal persons in Turkey and dispute resolution,

-Providing legal consultancy to foreign real persons concerning inheritance law in Turkey,

-Providing legal consultancy to foreign companies in Turkish, English, French and Russian languages,

-Interpretation of  provisions in dispute of international aggrements.