Arbitration is the solution of disputes between parties not by the official judicial authorities of government but by the arbitrators which the parties mutually determined directly or indirectly under the procedure, place, time and regulation also set by the parties. Either individuals and legal persons or natural person and government in the events relating governance can apply to the arbitration in condition to agree by both parties. In arbitration, parties’ will is essential. Official judicial authorities cannot interfere the arbitral award unless the decision complies with the fundamental principles of legislation of venue of arbitration. Thus, parties are allowed to agree on fast and more proper judgment for them. Arbitration is more preferred especially in international trade area and takes part in contracts day by day. In Turkey, Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC) has been established and started to run.

Sahin Law Firm stands for clients in arbitration and assist in appeal to arbitration. The firm’s associates are able to represent individuals and companies in English, French, Russian and Turkish languages.

Some of the  services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Evaluating that the addition of arbitration clause to the contract is whether in favour of the client,

-Providing legal consultancy with the aim of determining provisions of arbitration in favour of the client,

-Defending clients in arbitration,

-Assisting in selecting arbitrator.