Criminal Law

Criminal law is an area of public law which aims to protect individuals from individuals and the state, and also the state from individuals. It provides free living environment, peace and welfare for individuals. Turkish Criminal Law is composed of two sections as general provisions and special provisions. The special provisions section defines forbidden actions and sanctions. In general provisions section, common rules which are applied to crimes in special provisions section are explained. Turkish Criminal Code (Law No. 5237) is the criminal code of a secular society, the order of law and state.

Şahin Law Firm provides legal services for its clients in all kinds of accusation, criminal complaint, prosecution, investigation and lawsuits. The attorneys of law firm pursue criminal lawsuits and give legal consultancy services to individuals and corporations.

Some of the services provided in this framework are listed below:

-Filing a criminal complaint on behalf of clients and investigation attorney general office,

-Resorting to the jurisdiction against decisions such as the annulment of  license, suspension of  broadcast, procedure or public procurement bans or administrative fines,

-Investigations and cases concerning Financial and IT Crimes,

-Investigations and cases related to accusals arising from Tax Procedure Law,

-Criminal cases arising from Exchange (Law of Cheque) Legislation,

-Claim procedures concerning criminal sanctions regulated with special law and prosecution of lawsuit,

-Cases arising from Intellectual Property Rights and providing legal consultancy on disputes.